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The Property Boom in Karen

Even a superficial look at developments across the wider Karen community shows the unprecedented pace of growth The emerging road infrastructures at last begin to reveal their secrets as the by -pass opens up a new world of interconnectivity linking the trunk routes to Naviasha and Nakuru with communities such as Kikuyu, Karen, Kibera and into the heart of the city...

EACT Conference and Expo

The Counter Terrorism Conference and Expo focused on the theme: “STRENGTH THROUGH KNOWLEDGE” and empowered delegates who have a strategic, operational or vested interest in developing and/or implementing policies, plans and procedures designed to manage the risks associated with the threat....


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Lorna: Feel African Running

Wearing Lornah is feeling the spirit of Africa. On your skin, in your soul, in your life. Lornah offers unique feminine African designs, fine fabrics and an exceptionally elegant fit. You wear Lornah to perform, to feel good, to enjoy life.For more information subscribe to our magazine via:[...]

Fashion Trends with KENZANO

Jumpsuits, Heals, Necklaces, Bracelets, Printed Dress, Gold Strupy Shoes, Peplum black Skirt, Tunk Golden Top, Maroon Heels, Hemes Birkin, Pink Handbag, Green Maxi Dress, White Slingbag, Black Sandles, white Lacy Top, Blue Skirt with Suspenders. All for the passionate, daring and classy woman. For more information subscribe to our magazine via:

Fabulous Looks

Follow these simple steps and pay attention to the tips! You can thank us later when you’re looking STUNNING! STEP1: Apply a moisturizer with at least SPF 15. It will help the concealer glide smoothly. Remember to use the concealer only where you need it like under your eyes and blemishes and don’t use a lighter shade- that’s a myth that does your looks no favours! STEP 2: 3:[...]

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